We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Dalian Caraballo, a family physician in Miami.

Her practice, Your Family MD Direct Primary Care, stands out from other MD clinics as she does not work with insurance companies. The practice is community supported that incorporates a monthly membership fee for her patients. Dr. Caraballo’s work provides extensive medical care such as yearly physical exams, basic lab panels, without the fear of co-pays. Your Family MD’s business model is opening new avenues for residents that do not have access to health insurance.


“Our primary goal when starting this practice was to put the patient’s first,” states Dr. Caraballo. “Often, nurses spend ten minutes with the patient and the doctor will only spend 2-3 minutes. We understand the importance and sensitivity involved in the medical field. Patients can be seen the same day and don’t have to worry about long lines in the waiting room.” In addition to their practice being patient-oriented, the patients also have access to the doctor’s personal phone number in need of an emergency.


Dr. Caraballo doesn’t stop there. She has a consultation service that she sets up with other medical professionals in different areas. “We provide our patients with more than just check ups. We provide a well-rounded service that helps them, no matter the health matter. We set up appointments for them within our network of professionals.” Before beginning Your Family MD, Dr. Dalian Caraballo works at the South Florida Immigration Center where she helped (and still contributes) patients with various backgrounds get the help they need.


This past month, Your Family MD has also aided in the relief effort for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Marias’s impact. The practice’s office is filled with medications, medical supplies, water, canned food, all headed to the island to support in their time of need. So far more than 3K lbs of medications had been sent to Puerto Rico.


If you are interested in Your Family MD’s medical service or just want to learn more about their humanitarian efforts, visit them at http://yourfamilymd.com/index.html


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