Summary: Leather Care Supply partners with custom shoe designers to create customized apparel & works of art. The Florida e-commerce store provides shoe accessories, polishes, dyes, paints, shoe trees, and other accessories for artists on Instagram. Artists can ask for sponsorship on their website. 

“Arts and artists are gifts to society” -Andy Warhol

SQ customs paint from Leather care Supply

Artist SQ_customs unboxes a box of paints from Leather Care Supply

It’s no secret that corporations and luxury brands are playing an increasingly large part in funding artworks and artists in all corners of the art world. Businesses continue to sponsor artists because it works. It has to make sense for the business. People who are sponsored are famous enough that the additional product exposure sells more than the cost of sponsorship.

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A whole new sub-industry is now popping up around such commissions and local company Leather Care Supply has been doing it successfully for the past four years.


We sat down with Igor Izotov and asked him how he does it. “We help the arts and we give back by giving. Some of our collaborations are through pure sponsorship, other times we give product away as prizes, and sometimes it’s a project based sponsorship,” says the Hallandale Beach business owner.

LCS, who is a trusted part of the community has been in business since 2010. They invite artists globally to work with their paints, dyes, and finishers to design custom sneakers and shoes.

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“One of the best parts was the fact that I could create so many links and connections with artists and people around the world that are working on similar custom shoe designs.”

g.v customs

Igor goes on to say: “Artists often search for funding in order to realize their costly project. Oftentimes these are not possible, except only by the patronage of foundations or museums or collectors. It gives us a way of entertaining our customers and keep them engaged.” Leather Care Supply boasts 11,900 followers on Instagram, the platform most artists use to showcase their works.

“For us, it’s really about supporting the artist. It’s kind of like still getting an allowance from your parents even when you’re a grown-up.” says Izotov.

Artists do it for museum exhibitions, rockstars do it when they get a drum set from a drum manufacturer, why not custom shoes?

Best Online Marketplaces for Artists

Artists interested in getting their work sponsored should look to platforms like Patreon, YouTube, Etsy, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe.

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What’s the Product Artists Ask for Most Often?

Tapping into another audience network and cross-promoting posts has worked out well both for Leather Care and its sponsored artists.

“Definitely Angelus paint,” quipps Izotov. “The top colors are white and black. We also see a few artists asking for primers, important for prepping the work area.”


About Leather Care Supply

Leather Care Supply is a Florida local e-commerce store selling shoes, shoe accessories, shoe care, polish, dyes, paints, and leather made accessories and apparel. In business since 2010 you can find them online at or in person at  401 NE 2nd Ave. Hallandale Beach, Florida, 33009

How to Get Sponsored as an Artist in South Florida

If you are an artist email to see if you qualify for sponsorship or give a call to 954-367-5993 and ask for Gary.

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