Madison Square Bagels, previously known as J&J Bagels, has been serving the South Florida community with freshly baked bagels for the past 10 years. You may have heard of them under the guise of the well-known franchise ‘Manhattan Bagel’. Their dedication to the craft of creating the perfect bagel for each customer has developed a true passion within the store and the Palm Beach community. Madison Square Bagels began as a passion venture which has turned into the heart of the Palm Beach Gardens. Bob Davidson, the now co-owner and bagel-expert, has transformed the local store in the short two months he was brought on board. Bob’s 52 years of experience in the bagel industry, ranging from Chicago to Texas, has brought his new ventures great rewards.


Bagels are a staple in most businesses and homes during the early morning commute. Madison Square Bagels begins at 3am, kneading and baking the dough at the perfect temperature to extract the perfect ingredients. Whether you are a Poppy Seed enthusiast or an Asiago lover, Madison Square Bagels knows what their customers love and want. Bob states, “What is important in creating the perfect bagel is not where the water comes from, it’s about what you do with the ingredients.”


The hard-workers prepare the batches of bagels and distributes the fan favorites to local businesses and individuals looking for a great way to start their morning. “It’s a hard business to be in if you don’t have the experience. You need to be here everyday, talk to the customers, and make sure everybody has what they need. We love what we do, no matter what time we need to be here in the morning.”


Madison Square Bagels understands the need for nourishment in the early hours of the day and they truly know what their customers want. While feeding the community they also provide wholesale distribution to market-chains around South Florida. Their goals for the next year is to increase in size and customer service. They plan on scaling to open up more stores in the area so more bagel-lovers can experience their true flavors. “The #1 way we continue to bring in customers is through great customer service. Good service and great food keeps them coming back.”


What started as yearly trips to Florida from Chicago has now turned into a dedicated team of bagel-enthusiasts who want to share their skills and ingredients with the world. If you wish to learn more about Madison Square Bagels or want to stop in for your morning coffee and shmear, you can contact them at and follow them on Facebook for their daily specials! For any questions contact Bob at

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