Summary: A lifelong obsession to wear the perfect pair of pajamas led two South Florida entrepreneurs to start their own.

Two cousins, Tamie Platt and Marcia Haskin, launched Insomnia PJ’s

Two cousins launched Insomnia PJ’s in 2016

PJs with a Purpose

“After searching the world over for pajamas, we decided to take a leap of faith and design pajamas that we wanted to wear.” -Marcia Haskin (left)

“As women get older, our bodies start to change” says Tamie Platt (right).

The collection speaks to real women – not just young slender girls or grandmothers. The West Palm Beach-based duo started the business on Launchpad after talking about their sleep patterns in the home.

“We wanted a pair of pajamas that a girlfriend or wife would be comfortable wearing on a lazy Saturday – without losing that sexiness and femininity.”

Looking at the existing sleepwear and loungewear market, the two cousins identified an unfulfilled niche. “Our choices were limited and there wasn’t really anything to buy. Designers were putting out things for grandmas and sexy, young girls, but they weren’t designing anything for me to be comfortable but still feel pretty in.” They were too hot, too tight, too sexy, or worse yet, too frumpy,” recalls Platt in an interview with WPTV.

Made in America

The two women set out on a mission to design the perfect pair of pajamas. Light weight, easy to wear, ‘Made in America’ and charity all had to be factored into their business plan.

“It’s common as we get older, we tend to be most comfortable throwing on an old t-shirt and sweat pants. Our invitation is for women who are still hanging on to that oversized tee and baggy set of sweatpants.” -Platt

Insomnia PJ’s strike just the right balance between comfortable and sexy… “Something the market was definitely lacking.” They are designed using the softest fabrics with the highest quality finishes.

Giving Back to the Community

The cousins host parties and are involved in the local community to promote healthy sleep awareness. They partner with non-profit Sweet Dream Makers a charity that takes gently used bedding and furniture and provides it to children and families in need. “It’s a beautiful charity in Palm Beach,” states Haskin. Children are referred to Sweet Dream Makers through local children’s agencies, teachers, and police officers. Their goal is to ensure families can live with dignity and dream of a better future.

While shopping, customers are also invited to leave behind an old pair of pajamas. These old pairs are donated back into the community.

Get to Sleep with Insomnia PJs

What is one of their most effective marketing moves?

Pajama Parties!

Insomnia PJ throws pajama parties for adults. “It’s a great excuse to bring good friends together for a glass or two of wine,” jokes Platt. “They are one of our top converting events.”

We like to say: “Life happens – but coming home to the perfect pair of PJs helps,” concludes Haskin.

To buy a pair of plush PJs, visit their website Insomnia & Instagram at insomnia_pj

“I’m an insomniac, but I’ve never lost sleep over it!” 

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