UX Director of Google, at Broward County Convention Center main stage, delivering keynote talk on Google’s use of Machine Learning. Event took place Wednesday,  January, 30, 2019, 3:45 pm

Followup to the event:

Ricardo Prada PhD. spoke about the 1) importance of collecting sets from divergent cultures and backgrounds 2) the ethical dilemma of teaching machines to learn based off racist, biased, and uni-ethnic human creators 3) the overlap between computer science and user experience. He didn’t speak about 1) digital marketing 2) what’s in the Google SERP secret sauce 3) what’s in the algorithm as it concerns content creation.

The room was mostly introverts. (Whereas at a marketing convention you see people mingling, chatting, gregarious – here it was mostly nerds who kept to themselves). Reminder to bring alcohol in a closed container.

[This story was published on January 15, 2019]


I’m thankful that Google sent a representative to South Florida. Much less the Director of User Experience.

Google (and Facebook) have cornered the digital market

Research from NYU professor Scott Galloway found that Google and Facebook have just about cornered the digital market.

Google owns search

Facebook owns social

This writer would love to get his hands on some of the tactics Google will use this year.

Predictions for the 2019 Google Algorithm

Bad news – I anticipate a more sophisticated algorithm. I foresee more sensitive thresholds for content health and a greater focus on video content.

Good news – I predict that Google will maintain low-barriers-to-entry for content creators, entrepreneurs and businesses. It will be easy for new businesses to create profiles, launch their brand, and pay-for-play advertising – either through 1) time spent creating content, 2) money spent on PPC & traditional marketing or 3) the network effect in creating collaborations for social clout.

Who is going?

IoT Evolution Expo focuses on the internet of things. However it does attract a pretty broad crowd. Those in attendance will be engineers, developers, IT managers, CIOs, network & systems engineers, cryptocurrency & blockchain peeps, as well as homeless people near the Broward Convention Center.

Who else is speaking?

Maciej Kranz

VP, Corporate Strategic Innovation Group, Cisco

 Gerrit Rexhausen

 Program Manager Lufthansa Technik

Matt Vasey

Director of IoT Business Development, 

George Mullhern



Speakers on the following topics can still apply using >>this link

They are looking for speakers on: Smart City Technology and applications, IoT Healthcare, Industrial IoT Solutions, and the LPWAN Expo.

Recommendations from a past attendee

The 4-day event is a hotbed of activity for nerds in suits. Dress nice. They do have an open bar, so do take advantage if you’re the type of person who likes to drink at a holiday party.

About 70% of the attendees are from outside of Florida. I spoke with individuals from Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and New York at the 2017 IoT Con.

Job titles of event attendees: engineers, developers, hardware product designers, CIOs, network & systems engineers, cloud & fog computing gurus, SEO ninjas, cryptocurrency & blockchain gunslingers.

Final Recommendation: ‘Don’t touch the ice sculpture’

(Newbs touch the ice sculpture because they’ve never seen an ice sculpture before – guilty).

Bring business cards. You never know who you’re liable to meet!

Broward County Convention Center
1950 Eisenhower Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Website: https://www.iotevolutionexpo.com/east/

But seriously, look at those kind eyes.

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