We had the opportunity to sit down with Lori Thomas, founder of Flip-It, an emerging organization in South Florida. Flip-It is a real estate investing organization stemmed from the teachings of the well-known real-estate affiliate marketing program, Renatus. With over sixty communities all over the United States, Lori Thomas runs the Palm Beach County, Treasure Coast, and Long Island groups to further educate the masses on how to build wealth and prosperity long-term. Beginning as a student in the real estate investment business, Lori has spread her wings to recruit other real estate investors who recognize continuing education is important in an ever-changing industry.


Flip-It began in New York two years ago while Lori was running four other businesses, including the Miss Long Island Pageant which she ran for ten years. “From my years of experience within the business world, expanding into real estate was the best choice,” states Lori. “There’s over thirteen thousand recruiters who come together for training and collaboration.” Reinventing herself seems apropos given the latin meaning behind Renatus (“Rebirth”). Real estate investing can be a dangerous avenue if you don’t know what you are doing, which is why Lori drives her passion of education and business savvy into Flip-It.


“This is a life long learning experience, even after owning various businesses for many years, I’ve learned more in the last two years than I have in formal education.” For anyone looking to build their own success, learn about the profitable real estate business, and secure a future for themselves, Flip-It is the go-to community for like-minded individuals.


Fix and flips, rental properties and commercial properties are in Lori’s near future with the explosive success of Flip-it. For more information on Flip-It and it’s educational benefits, check out their program at http://www.now-flipit.com/.

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