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We had the pleasure to chat with Dr. Evan Hasson, owner of Specific Chiropractor. During our meeting, we were able to tour Dr. Hasson’s new facility. His story is unlikely and impressive all the same.


Dr. Hasson did not always aim to be a licensed chiropractor. Instead, he went to school to become a pharmacist. The end goal of the two professions is similar. Yet, the methods each uses is much different.


Dr. Hasson became a believer when he received chiropractic treatment himself. “My body, as I learned, was not aligned at the time of my treatment. The treatment itself only lasted about 5 minutes. During the treatment, I felt a relaxing sensation in my neck, and suddenly any pressure I had was lifted. It was an amazing feeling and fixed my symptom”, said Dr. Hasson.


“One of my main challenges is spreading the word about chiropractic treatment. I want others to know that there is another option for patients to restore their health. The good news is is that most of my new patients are signing up due to word of mouth. Therefore, my patients are helping me spread the word”, said Dr. Hasson. “Another challenge is staying organized enough to meet the demands of a growing patient base.”


Dr. Hasson decided to use these reviews in another way. He was able to include his patients’ Google reviews on his website. It’s one thing to see that chiropractic care is an option for treatment. It’s even better to read reviews of how Dr. Hasson’s treatment is actively improving the lives of his current patients.


We asked Dr. Hasson where he sees his practice in the near future, as well as about 5 years from now. In the short term “I would like to grow my membership option for patients. Instead of paying during each visit the patient will have the option of paying a membership fee once a month. This way, the patient will be allotted a certain amount of days each month for adjustment and treatment. Having a membership makes the experience more efficient for both the patient and myself.” replied Dr. Hasson.


A 5-year plan is, at many times, difficult to predict. However, Dr. Hasson would like to bring on an intern at Specific Chiropractic. “This intern would be going to chiropractic school and be someone who wants to learn, hands-on, how to treat patients. Bringing on a chiropractic intern would be a viable solution for me to meet the demands of a growing patient base”, said Dr. Hasson.


If you are interested in learning more about chiropractic care, please visit Specific Chiropractic online at https://www.specificchiropractor.com.

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