CGLO Media was founded by former journalist Cindy Glover on a simple premise: “Quality content, not gimmicks, is the the best way for businesses to connect with consumers.”

Since founding her marketing and public relations agency last year, Glover has built a reputation for creating well-researched, data-based content that is fresh, authoritative, and linkworthy. One of her specialties is conducting surveys or social media-based studies that garner national news coverage.

“Old-school advertising doesn’t work anymore. People fast-forward through TV commercials, toss junk mail, delete Spam, and block pop-up ads,” Glover said. “Good content marketing isn’t about harassing people. It’s about providing insights, solutions, and trustworthy information.”

Trust is the most important part of her formula. “When content is interesting, unexpected, and authoritative, publishers are willing to link to it and readers are happy to share it,” she said. “This creates a ripple effect that boosts all of the client’s website metrics.”

A big part of CGLO Media’s business model is providing great value for money. CGLO Media has content options for every budget – from on-site articles without media outreach to massive studies featuring custom graphics and worldwide media promotion.

“We specialize in earned media,” Glover said. “When reporters, influencers, and other gatekeepers are intrigued by our content and have enough confidence in the results and methodology to share it, that gives our clients credibility and reach that they can’t get any other way.”

It’s a straightforward concept but challenging in one respect. While it’s easy to measure results, it’s impossible to guarantee them. With earned media, businesses don’t control the decision-making – the public and publishers do. Still, the benefits are well worth the uncertainty.

Last year, Glover’s projects earned more than 3,900 news mentions and generated more than 120,000 shares on social media. The projects were picked up by outlets including the Washington Post, CNN, Business Insider, NBC News, The Today Show, the Huffington Post, and Forbes.

“Not every campaign will go viral. It’s a bit like baseball. You don’t get a home run every time at bat. Sometimes it’s a single, or a double,” Glover said. “Our instincts are pretty good for what will get picked up, but on very rare occasions, a campaign doesn’t work out. If that happens, we go back and do something else. The exciting thing is watching content spread organically, long after promotion efforts end.”

Prior to starting her business, Glover worked as a project manager and creative strategist at a groundbreaking content marketing agency in Delray Beach, FL. Before that, she spent 10 years as a high school teacher and eight years as a newspaper reporter. “I’ve had an interesting career path, but ultimately, it all comes down to communication. I’ve spent more than 20 years connecting with different audiences, telling stories, and making complex ideas interesting and easy to understand.”

CGLO Media also does public relations, ranging from news releases and press conferences to crisis management. “In my years as a reporter, I saw bad news handled very well and very poorly,” she said. “When a business has a problem, it’s critical to get out in front of it and be proactive. The key is to rebuild trust.”

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