Summary: Bridging the knowledge gap between university and real world, Boca Raton based Prediq Media partners with local universities to bring real-world education (on technology & digital marketing) to students and entrepreneurs.

Founded by Alex Oliviera in 2011, the lead generation business has since matured into a full-service digital marketing agency.

Alex got his start in e-mail lead generation. He’s been doing that for 15 years. Lead generation is a “pay to play” marketing tactic in the purest sense – money goes in, campaigns are launched, leads come back – hot, cold, or lukewarm. The lead quality and lead quantity are the only metrics of success. This strict viewpoint has enabled Alex to build campaigns with ROI in mind, a viewpoint which he shares with college interns from Florida Atlantic University.

In a South Florida market ripe with digital agencies the company stands out as one that gives back to the community. They working with schools like Lynn University and F.A.U. They creating digital marketing training programs to educate budding entrepreneurs.

At a recent event sponsored by Oliviera Lynn University was featured alongside Florida Atlantic University. In attendance at the event were representatives from Lynn University and Florida Atlantic University (not pictured).

SEMPO - hosted by Prediq Media

SEMPO – hosted by Prediq Media(left to right)

Host: Petro Andreadis

Panelists: Michael Barry – Microsoft/Bing, Andy Hill – City Furniture, Melanie Mitchell – Chewy, Jennifer Jager – My Video One
As an attendant in the audience, I can attest that the $30 ticket was well worth it. Panelists offered high-value content, full of sage advice on SEO, Bing and Google algorithm contents, the rise of video in marketing, our dwindling attention spans, the importance of Google Analytics’ Quality Score on large brands.
It was led by Petro Andreadis the new CGO at Prediq.
Petro Andreadis - Chief Growth Officer

Petro Andreadis – Chief Growth Officer

Prediq has recently added Petro Andreadis to its team. Petro was recently featured in Sun Sentinel and Boca Raton Tribune. We sat down with him and asked him a few questions on his new role:

What is the service that this business is providing?

Our company specializes in integrating technology with interactive Web design and infrastructure to ensure that your website has the customer visibility, appeal and traffic needed to convert visitors into a solid customer base. Not all online marketing companies are created equal. Every business needs that personal touch linking them with the human element. We bring decades of digital expertise to the table, combine that with our direct personal approach and you have your own digital dream team working for you.

  • Internet marketing strategies custom tailored to your needs.
  • The best in digital analytics, infographics, and metric solutions to keep you informed.
  • Digital mobile marketing services made clear.
  • Responsive Web Design best practices.
  • Search Engine Marketing services accessible to everyone.
  • The most advanced Search Engine Optimization services on the market.
  • Social Media marketing strategies that actually work.
  • Digital Email marketing campaigns that don’t annoy your customers.

What are you doing better than your competitors?

Prediq Media delivers, period! At Prediq Media, we take our performance and your overall satisfaction seriously. Our priority is to increase your digital visibility while staying consistent with your company’s vision, goals and reputation.

When your company becomes our new partner, we will work collaboratively with you to create a Statement of Work, which will include the benchmarks of Design Satisfaction, Communication, and Metrics Reporting.

If for any reason we do not satisfactorily meet the outlined benchmarks, we will continue to work on achieving those goals at no charge to you, until the mutually preset standard of performance is met.

  • Design Satisfaction: Includes production outline and benchmark dates.
  • Communication: Includes preset check-in status calls and continuous email communication throughout the process.
  • Metrics Reporting: Includes SEO metrics and interpretation, Social Media Metrics, etc

Who are 3 potential buyers who would buy your product or service?

In no particular order:

  • Startup Business who has an idea, a business plan or has actually started the business. We will walk them through that process and help them build their online presence from the ground up.
  • SMB who has a digital presence either via their website or on Social Media or has done some advertising but none of it has delivered the results they are looking for.
  • An organization that is looking for leads! Those leads could be via an inbound phone call or email, or they could be list of prospective clients given to them daily who are searching for their product or service online. They could even be prospective clients who just fit the overall identity of their ideal client. We can help build that funnel and grow it to the size that best aligns with the organizations goals.

What is the company’s history, mission, and values?

Prediq Media Group was born out of passion for helping businesses grow by taking a detailed and comprehensive overview of who you are. We believe great marketing can change a business – and when great marketing is paired with today’s dynamic technology, the possibilities are endless. We believe in being fully present with our clients by immersing ourselves in your business culture and vision. At Prediq Media, we understand the importance of highlighting the uniqueness of your business, product and service. We have created advanced tools to help you connect directly to your audiences, and truly bring out what exactly sets you apart from the competition.

What fascinates you the most about your industry?

This is really a two-part answer for us. First, it’s the real and profound impact great marketing can have on an organization. The growth that can occur externally with increased sales, clients and/or branding and also internally. The holistic approach we take to understand an organization’s culture, clients/customers and both short-term & long-term goals helps us create a strategic plan that aligns but also can lead to immense self-reflection and a new-found direction for an organization. Second, the never ending and constant change within the industry. The process to which we design, build and execute on a marketing plan remains consistent, but the tools, methods and data is always changing. Some is purely organic change over time, but much of it is intentionally driven by search engines, data aggregators and/or social media organizations. This both fascinates us and drives us to be better each day.

What made you create a course like “Digital Marketing Fundamentals?”

For our team the cycle of constant learning and then educating others is a passion that drives us. We have all in some capacity been in the role of educator or mentor and find the entire experience to be rewarding. We have also seen the demand for this type of course dramatically increase in the past few years as the access to “do it yourself” marketing tools becomes more prevalent. There is enough information out there for you to be quite dangerous is how we tend to describe the current trend. So, we looked at the various webinars, lectures, papers, presentations and live sessions we have previously created to build a full day program designed to empower the participants with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. We also recognize that this is not going to be a one time endeavor and have also included a one-year subscription to our new service ‘Marketing with Alex’ to give the participants an avenue for continued growth.

Real World Education in Digital Marketing & South Florida

“If you’re tired of not getting results from your marketing efforts or your marketing agency then this is the workshop for you. This isn’t a “how to” blog or a webinar that tells you what you need to do, but leaves you wondering how to do it.” -Alex Oliveira


Digital Marketing Fundamentals course has been sold out!

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