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South Florida Business Review dives deep into the clear blue waters of businesses in the South Florida area. We are made up of experienced journalists, designers, and leaders in the 21st century. We provide real value for various business owners as well as prospecting small business start-ups. Our top journalists would like to invite you in creating the full South Florida experience by contributing relevant and trustworthy content.


Welcome to South Florida Business Review! We created this platform to help local business owners aspire for greatness. What makes a great review source and how does it benefit businesses? Simple: the more exposure a business receives online the better opportunities for new business and new ideas to formulate. We have been in journalism for over 5 years and have created newsworthy content for individuals of all types! We aim to make your business successful and make your customers truly indulge in a fantastic experience.

  • Skylar Winepol, Founder

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